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DR WAQAS MEHDI  is providing state od the art  endoscopic and minimally invasive surgeries odf Brain and Spine, also leading from front in the nerve pain management .


Brain Tumors

Latest gadgetry and experiece availabe for extreme demanding tumors of brain.

Spine Tumors

Latest gadgetry and experience  available for extreme demanding tours of Spine.  

Endoscopic Surgeries

State of the art and most advanced services of endoscopic procedures are provided for both brain and spine.

Minimally invasive surgeries

In this advance era, small incisions surgeries of brain and spine are provided by Dr Waqas.

Trauma Brain & Spine

Traumatic brain and spine injuries are only dealt with extreme of care. 

Many more treatments

All neurosurgical and pain management services are available under one roof..

Happy Stories

I was never comfortable with my headache, the only person who properly diagnosed with very intelligent way and treat me with consistency and save me from depression.God bless you sir!



I was shocked to know about my slipped disc, I got endoscopic surgery. with other day discharge from home, its being 1 year I even don’t remember that incident, highly recommended.

Mrs Jaffar


Thank you Dr waqas Sb for saving my life after head injury, I was in icu and God give me health through you, JazakAllah.

M. Furqan


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In this high inflation time, we believe quality service is getting out of reach of common people, We here ensure that no patient should get damage because of financial factor. Many options are available to mange situation, so please don’t hesitate to discuss in person