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Dr. Waqas Mehdi is the best neurosurgeon in Lahore, Pakistan. When it comes to most complex diseases of brain, spine or management of neurospinal pain, Asst.Professor. Dr Waqas Mehdi has established his credibility as the best neurosurgeon of Pakistan. Serving the most prestigious King Edward Medical University/ Mayo Hospital and practicing at MIDCITY HOSPITAL, Lahore with more than 15 years of neurosurgery experience and over 1000+ successful brain & spine surgeries.

What makes Dr. Waqas the best neurosurgeon of Pakistan:


  • Hardworking on making accurate diagnosis of complex diseases of brain and spine
  • Counseling or explaining the diseases to patients / attendants.
  • Best operation theatre facilities with all modern gadgets.
  • Best Post operative care in best of ICU.
  • Economical packages .
  • Proper follow up of patients.

  Neurosurgeon Services:

  1. Brain surgeries

  2. Spine surgeries

  3. Endoscopic surgeries

  4. Minimally invasive surgeries

  5. Neurovascular surgeries

  6. Paediatric Neurosurgery

  7. Functional Neurosurgery

  8. Neuropain management


  1. Brain surgeries  from Best Neurosurgeon 

    • Glioma / GBM

    • Meningioma

    • Craniopharyngioma

    • Pituitary adenoma

    • Acoustic schwannoma

    • Metastatic tumors

    • Ependydoma

    • Medulloblastoma

    • Chordoma

    • Abscess excision

    • Lymphoma excision

    • Orbital tumors

    • Intraventricular tumors

    • Microvascular decompression

    • Chiari decompression

    • Idiopathic intracranial hypertension

    • Normal pressure hydrocephalus

    • Traumatic brain injuries

    • Depressed skull fractures

    • Cranioplasty

    • Aneurysmal bone cyst 


    • Cervical spine surgeries:

      • Cervical tumors

      • Anterior odontoid screw fixaton

      • Craniocervical fixaton

      • Anterior cervical decompression and fixation

      • Anterior cervical cage fixation

      • Laminoplasty

      • Lateral mass screw fixation

      • C1-C2 fixation

      • Intramedullary astrocytoma

      • Intramedullary ependymoma

      • Traumatic injuries

      • Thoracic spine surgeries:

        • Thoracic tumor excision

        • Thoracic cage fiation for carries

        • Transpedicular fixation

        • Metastatic tumor removal

        •  Lumbar spine surgeries:

          • Lumbar disectomy

          • Lumbar transpedicular fixation

          • Cauda equana syndrome

          • Microdisectomy

          • Degenerative lumbar stenosis

          • Chordoma

          • Kyphoplasty / vertebroplasty

          • Conus tumor excision

  1. Endoscopic surgeries

    • Endonasal transsphenoidal pituitary tumor

    • Full endoscopic lumbar discectomy

    • Dr. Waqas Mehdi Best Neurosurgeon performing Fully endoscopic lumbar discectomy surgeryEndoscopic third ventriculostom

    • Endoscopic colloid cyst excision

    • Endoscopic rhinorrhea repair

    • Endoscopic craniopharyngioma removal

    • Endoscopic pineal tumor removal

    • Endoscopic assisted microvascular decompression

    • Endoscopic assisted aneurysmal clipping

  1. Minimally invasive surgeries

    • Supraorbital keyhole craniotomy

    • Modified pterional surgery

    • Mini microvascular decompression

    • Sterotactic brain biopsy

    • MIS percutaneous spinal fixation

    • Percutaneous lumbar discectomy

  1. Neurovascular surgeries

    • Aneurysmal clipping surgery

    • Arteriovenous malformation surgery

    • Carotid endarterectomy

    • Intracerebral hematoma evacuation

    • Cavernoma excision

  1. Paediatric Neurosurgery:

    • Ventriculoperitoneal shunt

    • Myelomeningocele repair

    • Tethered cord surgery

    • Encephalocele repair

    • Craniosynostosis correction

  1. Functional neurosurgery:

    • Deep brain stimulation

    • Parkison’s disease surgery

    • Vagal nerve stimulation

    • Spinal cord stimulation

    • Epilepsy surgery

  1. Neuropain management:

    • Radiofrequency ablation of trigeminal neuralgia

    • Transforaminal injection for sciatica

    • Epidural injection

    • Facet joint injection

    • Sacroiliac joint injection

    • Carpal tunnel injection

    • Trigger point injections


      Dr. Waqas Mehdi has not only ten years of experience but also he is the most knowledgeable and able brains of performing endoscopy on brain and spine with most accurate out cause for treatment and results. We provide following endoscopic brain surgeries:

      Endonasal approach (ETNA) is utilized to decrease the adverse effects of transcribing pituitary adenoma during open surgery. Complications due to the invasiveness of surgery are eliminated due to the endonasal.

      • Endoscopic Third ventriculostomy.
      • Endoscopic third ventriculostomy cyst excision surgery.
      • Endoscopic Intraventricular tumors surgery.
      • Endoscopic septum pellucidotomy
      • Endoscopic pineal tumor biopsy.
      • Endoscopic aneurysm clipping.
      • The procedures are microvascular decompression (MVD) where the neurosurgeon places a thin sponge layer between the blood vessels and the trigeminal nerve as well as endoscopically assisted (EAMVD) microvascular decompression where the neurosurgeon utilizes the latest technology in minimizing incisions and surgical bleeding during the treatment.
      • Stereotactic brain tumor resection was performed using an endoscope.


      Dr. Waqas Mehdi is the finest Pakistani neurosurgeon available in Lahore for spine follicle operations. Following endoscopic spinal surgeries are provided by us:Following endoscopic spinal surgeries are provided by us:


      • MIS (Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery) by Inter-laminar way.
      • The minimally invasive disc herniation surgery through the Interlaminar approach.
      • Endoscopic-assisted spinal tumors removals.


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