Sciatica Treatment by Dr.Waqas Mehdi:

Sciatica is a state of being with agonizing pain that occurs as a result of jamming of the sciatic nerve which starts from the lower back up through the legs. It can become a formidable predicament that weighs heavily on everything you do in your struggle for day-to-day activities and lack of good living. If you struggle with sciatica, an essential part of dealing with it is to choose the best treatment option from a licensed medical practitioner.Through his extensive experience and efficient working methods, Dr. Waqas Mehdi has already established his status of being an endoscopic neurosurgeon well-versed with the treatment of sciatic nerves. Here are some of the services that he offers to his patients:Below are some of the services which a nurse would provide for his patients:


Sciatica back pain -treatment -Dr Waqas Mehdi


  1. Endoscopic Discectomy: The following example is a showcase of minimally- invasive surgery which was taken well just outside the boundary of herniated disc sitting on the sciatic nerve. Thus Mehdi who is a PhD holder, gives precision to the surgery using a device which is flexible, with some illumination and optics on it, for him to move and guide. This method would most likely convert the patient’s injury into one that has little tissue trauma and makes his/her recovery much quicker.
  2. Lumbar Decompression Surgery: if the sciatic pain is due to causing the spinal stenosis which can occur with a narrowing of the spinal canal, Dr. Waqas Mehdi could recommend lumbar decompression surgery. This therapy does not depend on the broken vertebral body. However, the surgery employs operation through removal of the full vertebral body on the affected side so that the nerve root can be completely taken away from the compressions.
  3. Microdiscectomy: Microscopic discectomy is the less conservative and more radical one because its method is closer to endoscopic discectomy, but necessitates a general anesthesia and consequently requires a bigger incision. Dr. Mehdi also permits Parsa to do surgical observation with processing of one set of glasses which is the additional role played by ophthalmologic partners of otolaryngologist. It enabled the surgeon to be very precise and easily pinpoint the exact area where nucleus pulposus prolapsed out through the annulus fibrosus and remove it.
  4. Spinal Fusion: if the sciatica pain causes due to a degenerating condition, such as spondylolisthesis, then Dr. Mihdi may require a spinal fusion surgery. This surgical process ensures that the bone spurs that cause the vertebrae to compress the sciatic nerve are removed. Subsequently, the remaining vertebral segments that are causing the continuous damage to the sciatic nerve are fused to stabilize the spine, thus preventing further nerve compression.

Dr. Mehdi is the endoscopic neurosurgeon who has been included and is known for his numerous successful operations, which have brought positive results for sciatica patients. And, his minimally invasive techniques and delicate individual approach to treatment ensure that he’s a highly recommended patient’s favorite option. If you are a sciatic nerve Sciatica pain sufferer, don’t let the pain be a controller in your life any more. Don’t wait to be pain-free. Contact Dr. Mehdi today to schedule an appointment and get started on your journey to a pain-free life.


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